The RateBunni Story

Our vision is to help consumers make financial decisions with confidence by providing tools, data, and an ecosystem that is complete, unbiased, and empathetic to their needs.
We are on a mission to empower customers to attain prosperity and financial growth.

We worked for years in big banks and noticed that there was a huge gap in the access to offers from local lenders with better deals. RateBunni was born!

How RateBunni is Different

More Choices

RateBunni includes all lenders, both big and small, so you get more choices than other marketplaces. RateBunni has up-to-date information from 500+ lenders.

More Trustworthy

You can trust that our results are independent and objective. We don’t rank lenders based on our commissions, so you get an unbiased list of the best rates.

More Information

RateBunni shows you everything you need in one place. Besides rates, you get information on monthly payments, how quickly you can get a loan, rate trends, and more.

Number of Lenders

0 +

Current Loan Types

Auto Loans, Personal Loans

Coming Soon

Home Loans, Student Loan Refinance

How It Works

RateBunni makes it easy to find a wealth of information all in one place. See how it works