Frequently Asked Questions

What is RateBunni?

RateBunni is a platform that helps you find the best deals from 500+ lenders. We consolidate information on rates, monthly payments, time to get a loan, customer reviews, and much more from lenders all in one place so that you can find the best deal on a loan.

How does RateBunni work?

RateBunni hops around to different lender websites, identifies their rates and products, and then returns them back here where you can sort through them in an easy-to-use experience.

What products can I find on RateBunni?

Right now, RateBunni offers rate comparisons for personal and auto loans. We will expand our product offerings in the future, including student loan refinancing, home loans, and more.

How We Gather Info on Lenders

How is RateBunni able to gather all of this useful information on lenders?

RateBunni consolidates its data on lenders, products offered, time to get a loan, monthly payment, and more from various public sources, web and third parties to help you have as complete a picture as possible for over 500 lenders.

How often does your data get updated?

The information from each lender’s website is updated several times per month.

How does this impact my credit score?

Because you are not applying for anything, your credit score is not affected.

Which Lenders We Include

Where can I use RateBunni?

RateBunni is live in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

What if there are no results for my area?

We are constantly expanding our footprint. If your area isn’t included now, there’s a good chance it will be in the future. Add your name to our wait list to be notified when it is available in your area.

What if you don’t offer the lender I want to work with?

If you have a preferred lender that isn’t on RateBunni, we want to know. Just fill out this request form and we’ll look into the possibility of adding that lender to our platform.

How does RateBunni make money?

RateBunni charges lenders a participation fee if they want to include additional information on eligibility and rates for the products they offer. This additional information helps borrowers get prequalified for a loan and see the prequalified rates. Lenders are included in the marketplace regardless of whether or not they pay us.

Does RateBunni share my information?

No. In fact, you don’t even have to give us your email address unless you want to make a favorite lender list.

The Rates You See

What happens when I find a lender where I would like to apply for a loan?

After researching your options with various lenders, you can click to the lender of your choice and continue to their website to apply for the loan.

Am I going to get the rate that I see on RateBunni?

Not necessarily. The rates that we show are typically the lowest rates these lenders offer, meaning well-qualified applicants can get those rates. Each lender has different qualifications. In order to see personalized rates, apply at your lender of choice.

What do I need to qualify for a loan?

Each lender has different eligibility requirements to qualify for a loan. RateBunni is able to help you identify some of that eligibility information, including where the product is offered and a few credit eligibility requirements, but the lender makes the exact determination when you click to their website and start the loan application process. For more questions, refer directly to the lender.

How can I find out about rate changes?

Save the lenders you want to check back on as a favorite, and visit your favorites page to see how their rates are trending. In the future, we will offer notifications when rates change.